Monday, September 14, 2009

New York Renaissance Faire

Lacey and I visited the Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest by Tuxedo, NY. The weather was beautiful and crowds a plenty. This weekend's theme was Pirates and a lot of the patrons dressed the part. I told Lacey she'll see dorks from all walks of life. She thought I was being mean until she witnessed it herself. I have to hand it to those people; Their presence made the event more lively and humorous.

We didn't have breakfast so we shared a funnel cake. They made it extra crispy. I was never a fan of it until now.

Playing archery in Wii Resort paid off. Lacey made a couple good shots.

It took us roughly 30 minutes to purchase a turkey leg and an onion blossom. I forgot to take their pictures because jousting was about to start and we had to make our way to the tournament area.
We couldn't watch the joust in peace because there were wasps everywhere. I should have brought some insect repellent.

'Till Next Year!

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