Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday, I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado. I ate buffalo sausage, cheddar jap brat, and a hot pickle. They abbreviate jalapeƱo with jap...
Unfortunately, I snarfed down the food before I remembered to take their picture.

After lunch, I figured I stay and watch the Broncos vs Browns game. This was their home opener and the show started with a retired player, Shannon Sharpe, being inducted into their Ring of Fame.
He and a few others parachuted into the stadium. All the jumpers before him came down fast and pulled up 200 feet above the ground. I thought someone will crash so I filmed what I can with my digital camera. **Everyone landed safely**

A huge flag was unrolled during the national anthem. As the anthem finished, 4 fighter jets flew above the stadium. This was the most elaborate opening I have seen at a football game.
It was an intense game. The Cleveland Browns were trailing by less than a touchdown for the first 3 quarters. In the fourth, the Bronco's pulled ahead to secure the win.
I wanted the Broncos to win or else I'll be leaving the stadium with 71,922 angry fans. Cleveland Browns 6 - Denver Broncos 27

Now, some video for your enjoyment.

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