Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye Gears, Hello Uncharted 2

Thanks to, I got the highly coveted key to download UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ Multiplayer Beta. The game is a blast. The movements are responsive and fluid. For a 10 player game, the maps are just the right size. It's not too big, not too small. You can get from one end to the other in under 30 seconds. It took me over a minute to cross a map in Halo.

I like how they spiced up the matches by limiting what you can do. The first beta gave us Deathmatch and Plunder. Beta 2 introduced matches where you can only use pistols and snipers, have 1 life to live, or use RPG's only. There are also different modes for cooperative play. I tried it out by myself and didn't find it enjoyable. Maybe it will be different if my friends were on.

A note to all who play shooters with inverted, or flipped, controls. I performed horrible in the first few games because I only inverted my AIM view. I didn't realize there were two places to invert in the options, AIM and Look. I think this is the only game I have every played that had 2 forms of inversion.

One of the greatest features Halo introduced was the ability to view your stats on a website. Kudos to Naughty Dog for incorporating this into Uncharted. I can view the wins, loses, kill death ratio, etc. at

Finally, a PS3 game worth getting.

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