Monday, August 3, 2009

Manhattan or Brooklyn?

I spent the whole day condo shopping for my brother in New York City.

There are a lot of new developments going up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A 1 bedroom condo was priced around $500,000. Come on people, it's Brooklyn. I've probably only been there 7 times in my life and that's because other than the Botanical Gardens they have nothing that interests me.

Most of what we saw were new constructions. They must have had any John Doe write up the layout because each unit had a quirk. A place had an illegal 2nd floor so the developer had to hide it by boarding the windows and stairs. Another place was advertised as a 1 br condo but there are no doors seperating the bedroom from the living room. It not like the developer forgot to put it in, it was purposely left out. And they also want to charge $35,000 for an outdoor parking spot.

He's better off buying a condo in Manhattan.

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