Friday, October 16, 2009

Remote Start for the Car

I have been researching what remote start kit to get for my car and my sights are set on the Viper SmartStart.
I don't know if it can only be controlled by the iPhone or perhaps it comes with a traditional remote. At least with the iPhone, I will be able to start the car from my office an not worry about the darn concrete walls.

Dear Santa

I know what I want for Christmas. Below is an amazing video of Samsung's OLED prototype. Hopefully by the time I own a home I can use this as my wallpaper.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Garage Door, The 2nd Act

The garage door opener stopped working again last Thursday. It can raise the door but can't lower it. My father happened to come across an inexpensive garage door opener at Sears for $119 and purchased it. We spent 3 to 4 hours yesterday installing it.

Before we installed the new opener, I noticed the support beam it will rest on was cracked. Rather than removing and replacing, we just nailed a new one next to it.

This door opener isn't fancy but it gets the job done. It doesn't have an external keypad nor does it use a rotating code. We didn't much care since the garage is detached from the main home.
While I had the tools in front of me, I secured the safety cable that runs through the spring to the frame with a bolt.
Now, I feel a lot more comfortable parking my car in the garage.