Friday, July 31, 2009

Avoid the Fat Princess!

I downloaded it from the Playstation Store last night after reading a few positive reviews. The game isn't bad but they're missing a key point. It lacks the ability to place you and your friends on the same team. If you watched their Developer Diary videos, they kept preaching teamwork. Organizing teams is a must have for any mass Vs. game.

When your friend hosts a game, the other 31 player slots are held by bots until a human player joins. The game uses round robin to place players with a team. So if you jump on right after they create a game, you can't switch to their team.

It's not worth $15. I hope Titan Studios fixes this oversight.

**UPDATE 8/5/2009**
I was wrong, there is an way to switch teams. My frustration doesn't lie solely with Titan Studios, it includes Playstation 3.
If I host a game in Fat Princess, I don't have the ability to send my friends invites. I will need to send them a PS3 message. By the time I send the message and they start joining, the game start counter would deplete and the game will start.

What Titan Studios should have done was allowed the host to create a lobby and invite friends before starting the match.

If Playstation 3 had an in game private party chat, I can at the very least tell everyone a room was created so they can quickly join before the game starts.

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